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Pag’s triangle

Pag’s triangle is the name for an unusual imprint on the rocky ground, discovered on the hill Tusto celo, in May 1999. Tusto celo is located northwest of the town of Pag, not far from the ferry port Zigljen. It is a phenomenon, which attracts the attention of believers, alternative researchers of history and the UFO investigators. The geological researches have shown that the rocks inside Pag’s triangle are brighter than those outside of it are, and that after being exposed to the UV rays they emit red. The red colour is the proof that the rocks inside the triangle have been thermally treated. It is presumed that this imprint was made 12 000 years ago. Finding the triangle is relatively easy since there are signposts indicating the way from Zigljen and Novalja to the hill Tusto celo. Around 30.000 people from around the world have visited Pag’s triangle since it has been discovered.