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  • Boue médicinale Segal

    Boue médicinale Segal

    "West of Povljana, by the beach Dubrovnik surrounded by pine forest, you will find lake Segal with muddy sediment. A natural therapeutic agent such as peloid, along with the sun, sea and clean air,...

    Boue médicinale Segal
  • Veliko Blato - réserve ornithologique

    Veliko Blato - réserve ornithologique

    Ornitološki rezervat Veliko BlatoThe ornithological reserve Veliko blato, is a shelter for a wide variety of marsh birds, especially during the period of nesting, migration and hibernation. T...

    Veliko Blato - réserve ornithologique
  • Cloisons sèches

    Cloisons sèches

    Dry-stone fences are a significant monument of the hard life and the huge effort of the island’s inhabitants; they were built from skilfully stacked stone on land difficult to cultivate. The d...

    Cloisons sèches
  • Île de Pag
  • Île de Pag
  • Île de Pag