• Wycieczka Kornati

    Wycieczka Kornati

    The Kornati archipelago is a separate and a unique group of islands, situated in between the islands of Zadar and Šibenik. It spreads over 320 km2 and embraces approximately 150 of land units w...

    Wycieczka Wycieczka Kornati
  • Wycieczka łodzie Andrei

    Wycieczka łodzie Andrei

    All day trips up to 8 hours (including lunch) - Departure from Pag on the western side of Paški zaljev (bay). Along the 8 nautical mile trip to the bay Zrće here are many beautiful bays and...

    Wycieczka Wycieczka łodzie Andrei
  • Park Narodowy Krka

    Park Narodowy Krka

    Twenty kilometres before Šibenik a side street leads to the National Park of Krka. The Krka’s waterfalls render an exquisite atmosphere letting you enjoy in the freshness of the river wat...

    Wycieczka Park Narodowy Krka
  • Park Narodowy Paklenica

    Park Narodowy Paklenica

    The miraculous play of nature enables us to enter the fresh mountain area in only a few steps from the hot Mediterranean climate. The National Park Paklenica is situated in a deep natural cutting at t...

    Wycieczka Park Narodowy Paklenica
  • Wycieczka Plitvicka jezera

    Wycieczka Plitvicka jezera

    On the road to Zagreb, only 200 km from the town of Pag, there is a pearl of nature, National Park of Plitvice, abundant in lakes and waterfalls in a marvellous continental ambience. There are hotels ...

    Wycieczka Wycieczka Plitvicka jezera
  • Robinzon - wycieczka statkiem

    Robinzon - wycieczka statkiem

    Dobrodošli u PAG, grad iz XV stoljeća, smješten na južnom dijelu paškog zaljeva kojeg krase nebrojene male plaže, pristupačne samo brodom, čisto more te nedirnuta priroda koj...

    Wycieczka Robinzon - wycieczka statkiem